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Titans Win San Ramon Inv, Maltz Voted O.W.

On Saturday, 13 Titans travelled to San Ramon Valley High School in the East Bay and wrestled in the 15-team San Ramon Invitational.  In an amazing team effort, the young Titan squad came away with the team title and senior Andy Maltz pinned his way to heavyweight title and was voted the “Outstanding Wrestler” of the seven upperweights.  

“A few years back we had seven in the finals, five of whom won it, and we still ended up second in this tournament.  So, for us to win it this year with just one champion was pretty amazing…I think we scored a lot of points by pinning people and winning a lot of our matches in the wrestle-backs,” said coach Horpel.  Indeed, the Titans registered 19 pins, which was like having one more athlete place in the top three of a weight class.  The Titans beat out a strong Northgate High School program followed by host school San Ramon Valley.   

Top 5 Teams
1.  Gunn                      174.5
2.  Northgate                160.0
3.  San Ramon Valley  157.0
4.  Las Lomas              140.0
5.  James Logan          123.0

Complete results for the Titans were as follows.

120 – Travis Haro did not place and scored 4.00 team points (1-2) .
Champ. Round 1 – Adrian Bautista (Campolindo HS) dec Haro 6-5
Cons. Round 2 – Haro pinned Nathan Sutton (Northgate HS) 2:59
Cons. Semi – Ethan Floresca (James Logan HS) pinned Haro 4:45

126 – Eric Wei placed 4th and scored 13.00 team points (1-2).
Quarterfinal – Wei pinned William Warren (San Ramon Valley HS) 3:51
Semifinal – Antonio Margiotta Jr. (Las Lomas HS) dec Wei 12-1
3rd Place Match – Gage Mettler (Northgate HS) pinned Wei 1:43

138 – Ido Enav placed 2nd and scored 22.00 team points (2-1).
Quarterfinal – Enav pinned Matthew Peterson (Monte Vista HS) 5:30
Semifinal – Enav pinned Samuel Holtman (Berkeley High) 3:00
1st Place Match – Cormick Hamilton (Northgate HS) TF Enav 17-2

145 – Graeme Cherry (3-2) placed 6th and scored 13.00 team points (3-2).
Champ. Round 1 – Cherry pinned Jimmy Brents (San Ramon Valley HS) :32
Quarterfinal – Ray Wu (Gunn HS) pinned Cherry 5:51
Cons. Round 2 – Cherry pinned Jack Gruen (Campolindo HS) :43
Cons. Semi – Cherry pinned Siam Mohammed (James Logan HS) 2:29
5th Place Match – Quintin Drake (Berkeley High) dec Cherry 9-0

145 – Ray Wu placed 3rd and scored 19.00 team points (3-1).
Champ. Round 1 – Wu dec John Poff (San Ramon Valley HS) 14-6
Quarterfinal – Wu pinned Graeme Cherry (Gunn HS) 5:51
Semifinal – Nick Bossert (Las Lomas HS) pinned Wu 3:12
3rd Place Match – Wu dec Fabian Hernandez (Amador Valley HS) 11-2

152 – Aaron Schultz placed 3rd and scored 16.50 team points (2-1).
Quarterfinal – Schultz dec Ethan Barrow (Amador Valley HS) 15-8
Semifinal – Temuujin Ulzii-orshikh (Las Lomas HS) dec Schultz 11-6
3rd Place Match – Schultz dec Steven Williams (Campolindo HS) 11-2

170 – Thomas Chang-Davidson placed 3rd and scored 26.00 team points (3-1).
Quarterfinal – Chang-Davidson pinned Aryan Ghanadan (Monte Vista HS) 1:11
Semifinal – Grant Chachere (Northgate HS) dec Chang-Davidson 8-3
Cons. Semi – Chang-Davidson pinned Alex Tepliki (Campolindo HS) :20
3rd Place Match – Chang-Davidson pinned Aryan Ghanadan (Monte Vista HS) 2:37

170 – Nick Diaz did not place and scored no team points (0-2).
Quarterfinal – Grant Chachere (Northgate HS) pinned Diaz 2:23
Cons. Round 1 – Aryan Ghanadan (Monte Vista HS) pinned Diaz 2:23

182 – Dash Lee placed 6th and scored 12.00 team points (3-2).
Champ. Round 1 – Troy Morris (Monte Vista HS) TF Lee 19-3
Cons. Round 1 – Lee pinned Nathan Boyce (Amador Valley HS) 1:52
Cons. Round 2 – Lee pinned Greg Ayala (Northgate HS) 5:05
Cons. Semi – Lee pinned Nick Shaw (Campolindo HS) 3:37
5th Place Match – Oseyiomon Oiyemhonlan (Deer Valley HS) dec Lee 7-3

195 – Alex Feghhi 4th and scored 14.50 team points (2-2).
Champ. Round 1 – Feghhi pinned Daniel Serrano (Amador Valley HS) 1:06
Quarterfinal – Feghhi TF Mark Lassen (Gunn HS) 16-1
Semifinal – Wyatt Jehue (San Ramon Valley HS) pinned Feghhi 1:52
3rd Place Match – Gurbir Dhaliwal (James Logan HS) pinned Feghhi 1:17

195 – Mark Lassen placed 5th and scored 9.00 team points (3-1) .
Quarterfinal – Alex Feghhi (Gunn HS) TF Lassen 16-1
Cons. Round 2 – Lassen dec Metehan Teker (Campolindo HS) 7-0
Cons. Semi – Lassen medical forfeit over Nicholas Reyna (James Lick HS)
5th Place Match – Lassen (Gunn HS) dec Rohit Misson (James Logan HS) 3-1

220 – Steve Lassen placed 5th and scored 9.00 team points (1-2).
Quarterfinal – Marko Sanchez (Dougherty Valley) pinned Lassen 2:50
Cons. Semi – Charles Crompton (Lick-Wilmerding) pinned Lassen :16
5th Place Match – Lassen pinned Roman Searles (Dougherty Valley) 2:22

285 – Andy Maltz placed 1st, scored 38.00 team points and was voted Outstanding Wrestler of the upperweights (3-0).
Quarterfinal – Maltz pinned Austin Foster (Deer Valley HS) :28
Semifinal – Maltz pinned Vikram Narula (Dougherty Valley) :21
1st Place Match – Maltz pinned Christian Lopez (Livermore) 1:01


Two Titans Medal at Girls’ Kusumoto Klassic   

Last Friday four female Titan wrestlers traveled to Prospect High School in Saratoga for the First Annual Kusumoto Klassic. Lola Robinson (111-freshman) and sister Ruby Robinson (126-senior) both claimed fourth place medals in the 23-team event.  Alisal beat out Castro Valley for the team title while and the Titans placed 13th. Gunn’s complete results were as follows: 

101 – Romi Miller did not place and scored no team points (0-2).
Champ. Round 1 – Jaden Martinez (Live Oak (Morgan Hilll)) pinned Miller 4:40
Cons. Round 2 – Carissa Flaton (Castro Valley) dec Romi Miller (Gunn) 3-3, 2-0 OT  

111 – Lola Robinson placed 4th and scored 14.00 team points (2-2).
Quarterfinal – Robinson dec Keysi Robles (Soledad) 6-4
Semifinal – Carolina Johnson (North Salinas) pinned Robinson :40
Cons. Semi – Robinson pinned Nayeli Acosta (Half Moon Bay) 3:16
3rd Place Match – Jennifer Molinero (Alisal) pinned Robinson 4:56

111 – Emily Milner did not place and was forced to withdraw from the tourney (0-1).
Quarterfinal – Jennifer Molinero (Alisal) pinned Milner 3:20
Cons. Round 3 – Nayeli Acosta (Half Moon Bay) won by medical forfeit over Milner

126 – Ruby Robinson placed 4th and scored 16.00 team points (2-2).
Quarterfinal – Robinson pinned Jazueline Regrete-Morales (Soledad) 2:49
Semifinal – Julia Hubbard (Willow Glen) pinned Robinson 5:40
Cons. Semi – Robinson pinned Amy Mota (Castro Valley) 3:02
3rd Place Match – Victoria Cabrera (Alisal) dec Robinson 15-8


Next up:

The Titans host league opponent Wilcox High School on Thursday, January 19.  Wrestling starts at 5:30 p.m. in Bow Gym.  After earning 22 more pins this weekend, Gunn’s new pin tally stands at 77.