Athlete Participation Donation (APD)

Athlete Participation Donation (Please pay when registering)

The Palo Alto Unified School District only pays for coaches’ stipends. Budget cuts and state regulations in recent years have eliminated all additional funding for high school sports. On average, the cost per athlete per sport is close to $250.00 This amount includes:

  • League fees
  • Tournament fees
  • Referees
  • Busing
  • Medical supplies
  • Equipment needed to compete for all of our sports
  • Awards

Your donation of $250 per athlete is the sole source of income to cover these expenses. (The district sets this amount.) Donations from student athletes cover about 80% of total program expenses’ the rest is provided through fundraising. Without this money the athletic program can’t continue, and will cease, as has already happened in some districts in California.

If the participation donation is a financial burden for your family, please consider giving what you can. Every contribution helps.

How to Donate?

Write a Check – Please make checks out to Gunn High School, with your athlete’s name and sport in the memo line.

The Gunn Athletics Program is a successful and important part of the Gunn experience. Participation increases each year and last year over 55% of Gunn students participated in the sports program. Through the hard work and dedication of our coaches and athletes, Gunn athletes compete in the Central Coast Section and CIF State tournaments each year as well as other prestigious sporting events. These students, your children and their friends, need your support.