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Varsity Letter Awards

Varsity Letter Awards

A red “G” or varsity letter is given to all athletes who participate on a varsity team and who fulfill specific qualifications as outlined below and who merit the recommendation of the coach and the Athletic Director.

Varsity Bar Patch                                                                                   

The Varsity Bar represents every additional year you have played a full season on a Varsity team.  Your Varsity “G” block letter represents the first year of your participation on a Varsity team, and the Varsity Bar represents each additional year of participation.  If you feel you have earned the Varsity Bar(s), submit your name, sport, and years played on a Varsity team to: mginx@sbcglobal.net

Letterman Jacket

Information for the letterman jacket can be found here: https://www.gunnsportsboosters.com/merchandise